Welcome to EDINBURGH DENTURE CLINIC ( and Capital Prosthodontics dental laboratory )




Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy smile.


It looks great to those around you and makes you feel good. That's why we do everything possible to make your dentures as comfortable and natural as we can and keep them looking natural and feeling great.


You can trust our services and our intuitive gentle touch.




Our Services:

We do a complete range of denture work from new denture construction to denture repairs.


Here is a list of some of our services -

New dentures, Copy dentures, denture repairs, denture relines and soft linings, chrome cobalt and titanium dentures. Colour toning in the pink acrylic gum work so that it doesn't look like a lump of plastic, Additions to dentures. None- allergenic dentures for those with an allergy to ordinary acrylics, porcelaine teeth as well as acrylic teeth, mouth guards and gumshields and denture restyling where it's possible.





Dentures repaired within the hour.


(Unless glue has been used by the patient, in which case we need to see the denture to assess if it can still be repaired.)

About the Practice:

Edinburgh Denture Clinic was the first legally registered practice of its kind in Scotland.


Roger McLachlan CDT, RCS (eng) gdc no 113599,  was the very first "Clinical dental technician" in Scotland and is fully registered with General Dental Council (GDC) and is an associate member of the Royal College of Surgeons.


PLEASE NOTE, wherever you go for your new dentures please ask the person you see if they can show you a certificate with CDT (RCS)! NOT RDT!! RDT means they can only work through a prescription from a dentist  If they are not a dentist, or CDT, they won't be legally allowed to see you without you first visiting a dentist. They won't be insured to see you for new dentures directly either, so if something goes wrong you won't be covered. In some cases CDT'S may have to refer you as well if the treatment you require is outwith their scope of practice!


We also accept patient referrals from dental practices and refer patients if the work needed is beyond our scope of practice.


Based within the clinic, is Capital  Prosthodontic dental laboratory run by Anna, providing prosthetic private and NHS work to the dental surgeons around the edinburgh area at competitive prices, with a daily collection and delivery service provided if required!